Secured Business 50

$14.92 / Month

Secured Business WordPress Maintenance Plan, 50 Pages

WordPress Maintenance Subscription

Not So Fine Print:
Small Business Websites Up to 50 Pages
WordPress Installations Up to 15 Plugins
Malware Removal Not Included

Website Security Configuration Website Security Configuration
As soon as your subscription starts your website security protocols will be evaluated for improvement and streamlining. This may include changes to your WordPress plugins and / or 3rd party services for your website.
Cloud Web Application Firewall Cloud Web Application Firewall
Includes global DDoS attack mitigation, universal SSL, HTTPS redirection. HSTS also available.
Endpoint Security and Brute Force Protection Endpoint Security and Brute Force Protection
Content Delivery Network Content Delivery Network
Global content delivery network (CDN) service provider.
Managed Safe Updates Managed Safe Updates
Managed updates including WordPress core components, all project plugins, and project themes. Each time your website requires maintenance updates it will be staged and each update will be tested and reviewed before updating your live website. If an update does break your website configuration or theme, we can always roll back to an clean working backup.
Automatic Scheduled Backups Automatic Scheduled Backups
Daily database backups will be emailed to your storage account and website administrator. You can also opt in for these emails. The first month we will also set the full website backup schedule and frequency based on your configuration. All Houston Office Assistant website backups are archived on encrypted hard drives. We also upload regular backups to the cloud for client access and offsite storage.
Server Uptime Monitoring Server Uptime Monitoring
All Houston Office Assistant websites are monitored for server uptime. When your account is setup a Monitoring dashboard will be added to your Workspace.
Weekly Scans and Database Optimization Weekly Scans and Database Optimization
Each week your website will be scanned for malware and performance issues. We also scan your domain to make sure that it hasn’t been blacklisted anywhere. Your WordPress database will also be optimized.
Weekly Reporting and Security Notifications Weekly Reporting and Security Notifications
Monday afternoons weekly website maintenance reports are emailed to subscribers. You may also choose to opt into other security notifications for your website maintenance including database backups and lockout notifications.
Dedicated Account Manager Dedicated Account Manager
When you start a project with Houston Office Assistant you’ll be assigned an Account Manager. Your Account Manager will be your single point of contact for everything related to your account.

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