Web Design Services

Web Design Services

Build | Secure | Maintain

Houston Office Assistant has been designing websites professionally since 2007. We specialize in WordPress content management installations, maintenance and security. We can assist you with web site updates, regular maintenance, or build you a brand new web design project.

Our projects are powered by professional grade hosting services with free SSL 256 bit encryption for all accounts. Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection also available.

  • New WordPress Installations
  • Securing WordPress Websites
  • Maintaining WordPress and Database
  • Smart Responsive Design
  • Seach Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Task Automation for Data Entry and Accounting
  • Task Automation for Customer Relationship Management
  • Shopping Carts, Blogs, Ticket Systems, Live Chat, CMS, CRM
  • Update Other Platforms
  • Website Re-Vamp or Refresh
  • Content Creation for Pages, Posts
  • Professional Hosting Services

Web Design Services

  • Designing websites with standards compliant code, emphasis on responsiveness (detection of user device and auto-resizing), accessibility and search engine and social media optimization.
  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of various shopping carts, blogs, ticket systems, and content management systems.
  • WordPress customization, security, and automation.
  • Website re-vamps, updates, and maintenance.

Houston Office Assistant provides professional web design and web hosting services for small to medium sized businesses. Learn more about our process >>

Getting To Know You

The first thing we do is learn about you. Your company, your services and products, and your goals. The better we understand your business motivations, the better we can serve your interest and provide custom web design solutions tailored to your specific needs. We have put together a series of short self-serve questionnaires to make this process as painless and convenient as possible. You can get started right now by completing the REQUEST CUSTOM QUOTE form or request more information below.

Houston Office Assistant estimates your web design project based on your responses to these brief questionnaires. You can complete them through the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — or we can schedule an appointment to go over them together on the phone or via video conference. Once your project estimate is accepted and the deposit paid your project is then scheduled for production.

Your Industry & Current Search Trends

We strongly suggest that every new web design project start with both a Keyword Analysis and Competitive Analysis before we begin planning your project or creating any content. Why is this important? A proper Keyword Analysis will tell us exactly how people are searching for and finding businesses like yours right now.

Armed with the current search trends and keywords that actually produce measurable web traffic, we can plan and execute the most profitable content to attract the leads you want to generate for your business. That’s what good web design for small businesses is really about; generating qualified leads.

Running a Competitive Analysis will show us how the most successful companies in your industry are already doing this. The two go hand-in-hand and provide invaluable and actionable data.

Submit and/or Create Content

If you already have content in digital format you would then submit it Houston Office Assistant. Content includes any written text, images, video, adverts, logos, slogans — anything that you have already been using to promote your business activities. HOA can also create SEO friendly content from scratch tailored to your business goals and based on the analysis of search trends and top competitors for your industry.

Houston Office Assistant provides all clients private collaborative workspaces which include a document manager and media albums to keep track of all the content that is submitted and generated for your web design project. Using workspaces keep all the important assets conveniently in one central location for everyone involved in the project to access, review, and approve for publication.

Web Site Specifications & Features

The last details that HOA will require from you (or your team) is the actual specifications for your web design project and the features you want included when your web site is published. Specifications include considerations like the site colors, design and layout of the template, any custom coding requirements, etc. If you’re not sure about what you want, you can review other websites in your industry and HOA is more than happy to provide suggestions based on our experience.

Houston Office Assistant can integrate just about any feature you can imagine into your web design project. Some of the most popular features include chat, social media feeds, contact forms, shopping carts, forums, accounting and invoicing, multimedia video presentations, galleries and portfolios, customer relationship management (CRM), support ticket systems, membership and community features, document management and collaboration, data entry and task automation, and a plethora of third party services.

Send Traffic To Your Website

Your website is now live and published for the world to see but you’re not done yet! Just publishing a website to the internet won’t necessarily bring any traffic unless you have invested enough in original content to be a top subject matter expert for your industry or service. You have to actively market and advertise your website for best results.

Good design, planning and search engine optimization will bring your website organic search traffic but the most profitable companies also take advantage of social media, search engine advertising, niche communities, business directories and popular review sites.


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