WordPress Security & Performance

$399.00 for 1 year


How Does HOA Protect You?

Houston Office Assistant offers affordable website maintenance contracts for WordPress installations performed by a real human:

  • WordPress Security Essentials
  • Weekly Security Review
  • Real-time Threat Banning
  • WordPress Core & Plugin Updates
  • Database, Plugins, File Backup
  • Cloud Storage for Backup Data
  • Server Uptime Monitoring
  • Hacker Insurance


Make sure you’re prepared for anything that comes at your website.

We live in an era where no one is really ‘safe’ from being hacked and potentially losing visitors or customers in the process. However you can take reasonable, industry-recommended precautions that will protect you from most threats. Let’s face it, if someone wants the data you have bad enough — there really isn’t much you can do about it. Major corporations like PayPal, LinkedIn, and the Bilderberg Group have been hacked.

The best you can do is be prepared for the worst-case scenario. There are best-practices for securing WordPress installations against attack. Below is an explanation of the comprehensive services included in Houston Office Assistant’s WordPress Security & Performance Subscriptions.

WordPress Security Essentials

Every WordPress installation should have security plugins installed to protect your website from brute force attack, malware, viruses and other known threats. This ensures that your site is using the recommended features and settings. All website maintenance contracts include local brute force protection, 404 detection, file change detection, file permissions, strong password enforcement, system configuration tweaks, WordPress salts, virus scanning, firewall, notifications and more. Advanced, geo-located, and mobile security features available with upgrade. Note that if HOA designed your website the security essentials package was installed and configured as part of your WordPress content management system.

Weekly Security Review

Each week your entire project’s security is assessed and reviewed. Threat logs, file changes, login attempts, and lockouts are reviewed. You’ll be advised of any threats that require your attention as they arise. Your ban list will include an automatically updating blacklist of commonly known threats. Additionally, any time an IP address is flagged as a threat on any site in the HOA network it will be added to the HOA blacklist which is updated to your website’s ban list on a weekly basis.

Database, Plugins, File Backup

HOA will completely backup your WordPress content management system once a week and then run any updates required for your WordPress installation and plugins. The back up will include your SQL database, any installed plugins, and all files including your media. If HOA also designed your website, we maintain backups of your original development files and project notes. Per your request you can receive an email notification each time your project is backed up. HOA provides 10GB of cloud storage for your backup files. Additional storage and daily backups available with upgrade.

Server Uptime Monitoring

Houston Office Assistant enables continuous server uptime monitoring to ensure that your website is online and available to your customers. Email alerts are sent to HOA anytime the system checks and finds your homepage unavailable.

Hacker Insurance

Although we can’t promise you that you’ll never be hacked, we can promise you that if the unthinkable happens HOA will be prepared for it. Maintenance contracts entitle you to a few extra perks.

1. If your website is hacked, from the time HOA receives notification your site will either be repaired or restored from backup within 48 hours.

2. If an update to WordPress core files or any plugin update breaks your installation, it will be repaired within 24 hours of notification.


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