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Terms of Service agreement applies to all Houston Office Assistant (HOA) websites, applications, services and products whether we provide them directly or via a third party service. By using any service or product provided by HOA, you agree to be bound by these terms. You may withdraw consent at any time by contacting info@houstonofficeassistant.com and requesting your data be deleted.

Houston Office Assistant provides information, tools, services and products to help small to medium sized businesses grow and measure their growth. This website and associated services are reserved for legitimate businesses that benefit society as a whole.

HOA chooses not work with any companies that perpetuate gambling, adult entertainment, get rich quick schemes or any illegal activities. HOA reserves the right to refuse service to any company whose objectives and/or morals are not in accordance with our own.

All accounts created at houstonofficeassistant.com must comply with all global regulatory agencies in regards to email marketing, telemarketing, and privacy protection. Failure to do so will result in immediate account deletion. If required to protect the privacy of any individual, we will disclose your data to the proper authorities.

I. Use of houstonofficeassistant.com:
     A. HOA uses our website to build web pages and applications that people can use to learn more about our products and services. The data we collect and process from our users and analytics belongs to Houston Office Assistant and is used to market our services and some 3rd party services. All data and disclosure of data is protected by our Privacy Policy.
     B. Visitors and Registered Users may access our site to learn more about our company offerings and related industry news and services.
     C. Customers use our site, applications, and Private Workspaces to create an account that processes and shares customer and vendor data, customer service issue tracking, lead generation, sales pipeline and opportunities, project management, transactional data and business marketing content. That content, whether entered by the business itself or voluntarily by a prospect or customer of that business, belongs to that Customer’s business account. That information may then be used contact you to offer products and services or to resolve customer service issues.
        1. HOA may also use your personal information to support our Customer’s business activities, provide our Customer technical support or administrative service, and to improve our services and products.
        2. HOA Customers are forbidden to collect, process, or store any individual’s sensitive personal information including credit card numbers, bank account numbers, Social Security numbers or other federal or state government personal identifiers, any racial designations or ethnic origins, mental conditions, private health information, personal employment or financial information.

II. Private Workspaces: HOA Private Workspaces are designed to be collaborative environments for our Account Managers and Customers to share data and work together. You can control the visibility of your personal profile information to other site users. You can limit the information shared with users you added to your workspace with roles and permissions. However, note that everything you enter into the houstonofficeassistant.com website is visible to the Administrator whether you have set the information to private in your preferences or not.

III. Data Retention:
     A. HOA retains your personal data for the time required to service your account. We will retain your data as long as we have legitimate business reason to do so. If your account becomes inactive the data may be downloaded to secure offline storage until deletion is permitted.
     B. Information you provide voluntarily or that is aggregated from public sources and retained by our Customers as part of the use of houstonofficeassistant.com and associated services, is the responsibility of that Customer. Houston Office Assistant stores your personal data on our hosting servers, but does not control or manage the content generated by Customers using our Private Workspaces. That data is collected, protected, processed and disclosed according to each individual Customer’s terms of service and privacy policies. To manage your data please contact the business directly. We have no direct relationship with the personal data collected by our Customers and we are not responsible for how they use that data.
        1. In the event that the customer’s account is terminated, your personal data along with all of that Customer’s data will be exported and provided to them per our Terms of Service. HOA will then delete the data permanently unless required by law to maintain it.

IV. Email Marketing: Zero Tolerance for Spam – Failure to comply with this policy will result in the immediate deletion of your account and data without refund of any unused prepaid hosting or other services. You are not permitted to use any Houston Office Assistant website, product, service, application, or hosting server to create, process, send, deliver, distribute, transmit or otherwise handle:
     A. Unsolicited emails, spam, or any commercial electronic message that violates the US CAN-SPAM Act, Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation or any other international laws or is otherwise considered spamming by current industry standards.
        1. Any electronic message transmitted to an email address or phone number: a) Collected without authorization or consent. b) Collected in any furtive manner including scrapping or harvesting methods. c) That was purchased or rented as part of a list. d) That was borrowed as part of a list.
        2. Use of any list that produces a high number of unsubscribe requests, SPAM complaints, or any other derogatory notices.
        3. Emails sent with outdated, incomplete, or otherwise inaccurate from address. Emails relayed to a 3rd party server or hardware without their express permission. This includes: forged headers; invalid headers; invalid domains; non-existent domains; any attempt to obfuscate the message’s origin or path of transmission; any misleading or untruthful content or subjects.
        4. Emails that don’t include an opt-out feature and the company’s physical mailing address and business phone number in every email communication sent.
     B. Agencies and Regulations
        1. US CAN-SPAM Act: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business
        2. Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation: http://fightspam.gc.ca/
        3. M3AAWG Sender Best Common Practices: https://www.m3aawg.org/sites/default/files/document/M3AAWG_Senders_BCP_Ver3-2015-02.pdf

V. Telemarketing: You are required to observe all international telemarketing laws including compliance with the US Do Not Call Registry and germane industry standards. Failure to do so will result in the immediate deletion of your account without refund of any unused prepaid hosting or other services. If you record phone calls, you must first obtain consent from all parties included in the call. Make sure consent is part of your recording.
     A. Agencies and Regulations
        1. National Do Not Call Registry: https://www.donotcall.gov/
        2. Federal Trade Commission: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center
        3. Mobile Marketing Association: http://www.mmaglobal.com/documents/best-practices

VI. Hosting Services: HOA resells hosting services for InMotionHosting based in California, USA. Review Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

VII. Unsubscribe:
     A. You may unsubscribe from HOA marketing communications by clicking unsubscribe in any group email, sending an email to info@houstonofficeassistant.com, or updating your account preferences. You may not unsubscribe from purchase notifications.
     B. We cannot unsubscribe you from our Customer’s marketing communications. Please use the unsubscribe link in their email communications or contact them directly. HOA Customers are solely responsible their communications and marketing efforts.

VIII. Report Abuse: You can report a HOA Customer that you suspect to be in violation of the law by sending an email to info@houstonofficeassistant.com.

If you have any questions about Houston Office Assistant Terms of Service or how HOA processes user data please send request to info@houstonofficeassistant.com.

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